Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My Number Eleven Love

Boyds Bears.

Who can resist those cute little fuzzy animals. They each have their own unique personality. Miss Macintosh stands with apple in hand ready to teach her class. Jeannine De Bearvoire sits with purple hat tilted to one side and seems to say "Hello Dah-ling." Little Bear-Peep holds her sheep 'cause gratefully she found them.

I love them all. All I have to do is walk in to my office and I smile. They make me so very happy.


  1. I have ten zillion stuffed animals that my kids have collected over the years. Eventually the cute wears off . . .

  2. My mother in law loves bears, too!

  3. Aw, I love visiting my bears at your house. I'm glad you've given them a good home until I have the space. Just don't get too used to them...

    To clarify, most shown are Shari's. (She's obsessed!;))


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