Thursday, July 31, 2008

The End of BIAM

As I sit alone in the silence of my hotel room, *sigh*, I think about this being the last day of the month and it's the last day I can write for the BIAM. I haven't spent as much time writing my story as I would like as I have had to think a lot about what I need to have happen next. I wish I would have had it more outlined before I started. It has slowed down the actual writing process, but I am getting through each challenge and am working things out. I have accomplished quite a bit this month, close to 10,000 words, especially since I've had to do some other things to work out my plot issues. I had hoped to finish it, and although that didn't happen, I feel good about what I have accomplished. At least I am many hours closer to completing it.

Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Off, Again

Well, my manuscript is once again off to the agent. Part of me is a bundle of nerves, the other part relieved.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My own modern-day legacy

I love my pioneer ancestors. My great, great, great grandmother walked the pioneer trail with the Willie Handcart Company as an 18-year old young woman. She served many people who suffered and were in need, even risking her own life to leave Rock Creek Hollow in the dark and freezing cold to rescue a man in her company who would have frozen to death if she hadn't. I have an enormous amount of love and respect for her.

These ancestors, like my great, great, great grandmother, left a great legacy for me. I don't feel like I have done much of anything. At least not anything significant, but I can't help hoping that I can leave behind the kind of legacy that these amazing people left for me. My own modern-day legacy. To have my descendents look at the life I have lived and feel a love, respect and gratitude for me.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Writing for Charity

Today I attended the Writing for Charity workshop at the Salt Lake City Library. It raised over $4,000 to buy wheelchairs for the handicapped.

There were some really great authors there like Shannon Hale (who put it all together) and Brandon Mull, Ann Cannon, Anne Bowen, Kristyn Crow, Tracy and Laura Hickman, Scott Franson and Ann Dee Ellis; as well as an agent, Amy Jameson and Shadow Mountain editor, Chris Schoebinger.

They answered "how to get published" questions and all kinds of other questions. The end of the conference was a workshop for critiquing. There were lots of great ideas shared and it was a good experience.

I got to see my good friends, Jewel and Melinda and met a new friend, Kristi Stevens (who is going to be published soon). These are all great writers and wonderful friends. I cherish my writing friends and always look forward to seeing them.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Life is Good

Perhaps I'm just avoiding my manuscript, but I just felt like blogging today. Nothing exciting is happening. It is a typical summer day at the Bird house. Children doing chores because Mom told them to, then watching a movie or playing on the computer. We have a guest in the form of a three-year old neice and she is keeping us all on our toes. It has been delightful to have a happy, funny little person with us. I have to go to the dentist twice today. I wasn't looking forward to the first time, not to mention going again. Unfortunately, a cavity was found, thus the return visit. I figure just get it overwith. I will pick up my sister today, who has been at girls camp all week (thus the visiting three-year old). Other than that, it is a pretty open day. And I must say that it feels good not to have a billion places to be. And I will get back to my manuscript as soon as I figure out what needs to come next. Really, I will.

So, I guess what I'm saying is . . . life is good.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Good News or The Bad News?

Well, do you want the good news or the bad news?

I heard back this week from the agency I submitted with last week. I wasn't rejected, but I wasn't accepted either. After reading their response, I have some work to do on my manuscript.

Which is the good news? Which is the bad news? You decide. And let me know what you think.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

. . . And we're off

As part of my BIAM, I finished one of my picture book manuscripts. Yesterday I sent it to an agent I met at a writing conference. So, we're off. Well, at least this manuscript is.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Right to Write (and other important writer quotes)

So, I was exercising this morning and this thought popped into my head. "You have the right to write, right?" I got to thinking about Julia Cameron's book, "The Right to Write." When I finished with my morning routine, I pulled out her book and perused the first part of it and found some great quotes. These reminded me of some other things that I have read recently and they were good for me to read, so I decided to share. Because, as Julia says, we all have the right to write.

From her book: "We should write, above all, because we are writers whether we call ourselves writers or not." and "Higher forces speak to us through writing."

Also, from scripture: ". . . speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded . . . for it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say."

What do you say about writer's block now, eh?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the land of the fairies . . .

Okay. Can I just tell you that my sister is the most talented person on the planet. She makes a lot of things. She's scrapbooky and crafty and artsy and even chef-y. It just isn't fair. Anyway, she made me this beautiful fairy door. Do you not just love it? I couldn't wait to blog about it because I love it so much! It is going in my office, which is very lavendar. So now my office will become a land of fairies, the good kind, not the evil kind or the weird kind. Can you tell I'm excited?
Okay fairies, move on in.