Monday, June 27, 2011

Sundance Retreat

Had an absolute fabulous weekend hanging and writing and wandering around nature. Thanks to the RWA ladies for letting me join their retreat. They were full of awesome.

I finished character bibles and plotted a good share of my WIP, which feels great considering it’s a Nanowrimo that I get to rewrite. (Notice I said get to and not have to.) That’s how refreshing this weekend was for me. I needed it and now I feel energized to keep going, despite the fact that I had a mouse in my room on the first night and we found baby black widows in a corner of the great room. It’s all good. The exterminator came and killed the spiders. Unfortunately, the mouse escaped, but at least I didn’t have to see him again. Right?

Here’s the door we jammed up with pillows which had been chewed on and was covered in mouse droppings the next morning.

Here’s the beautiful scene from my nature writing spot.

And here’s the road in front of the house where we stayed.

What did you do this weekend?

Monday, June 20, 2011


And the Winner is . . .




Congratulations Shannon! E-mail me your address and I'll get your new, signed copy of POSSESSION out to you!


Thanks to everyone for entering and, as always, thanks for visiting my humble blog.

Monday, June 13, 2011


I have finally decided on my 200 follower giveaway. Hallelujah!

And it's a signed copy of Elana Johnson's new book POSSESSION! Squee!

POSSESSION was a riveting read. I didn't want to put it down. It was one of those stories that I wanted to forego meals for, and I don't EVER forget to eat. Trust me. And I'm not just saying that because I like her. It's a REALLY good read.

Since this is for my followers, who I'm very grateful for, simply leave a comment (one per person please) and don't forget to leave your e-mail address in the comment. Tell me what you liked about the book or why you want to read it.

Giveaway closes Friday night at midnight MDT and is open internationally. I'll post the winner the following Monday.

Good luck to everyone and have a tremendous week!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Day Late and A Dollar Short

I meant to get this posted yesterday. Really, I did. But life happened. So it's getting posted today.
Here's five finally's. (I know that doesn't make sense, but keep reading and you'll get it.)
  1. The sun is finally shining!
  2. My daughter is finally graduated! It has been hectic, but good. And I'm glad I still get her for the summer before she goes off to college.
  3. I'm feeling like summer is finally here.
  4. I'm finally almost finished with my revisions.
  5. Okay, this isn't a finally, but something that I felt should be shared. Read on . . .
A young mother in my community, Rebecca White, recently found out she had breast cancer. Two days later she had a mastectomy. A friend of hers, Cheri Chesley, who happens to be an author, is donating the sales from her books through August 31 to help cover the cost and show her support.
To show your support you can find Cheri's book The Peasant Queen here or here. Her e-books The Wild Queen and Ghost Bride can be found here.

You can also find more information about Rebecca here.

Thanks all and have a superb day!