Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Not the truck GMC . . . the other one

My fabulous friend, Karen, let me borrow one of her books a few weeks ago. It talked about goal, motivation and conflict. I learned a lot of great things from that book. It helped me to focus on the right things as I worked on my manuscript. My writing improved because of the things I learned.

Although reading this book was awesome, the real purpose of my post is not just this great book and applying it to my writing, but how I can apply it to my life.

I have a goal. I have a mountain of motivation. My journey has also had tremendous conflict. How am I going to overcome this conflict and accomplish my goal?

The conference this weekend opened up doors for me, giving me the opportunities I needed. I am so grateful for these.

So, thanks to Julie Wright, who totally rocks. Thanks to Julie Bellon, who is the best lunch buddy anyone could ask for. Thanks to my bestest friend, Karen, for, well, everything. Thanks to the incredible table of writers at boot camp. You are awesome! And thanks to my amazing writing friends--among whom are Kristi, Melinda, Jewel and Shanna. Thanks for your friendship and support.

I'm ready to keep my goal in focus and squelch anything that comes that may keep me from accomlishing it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Wonderful Surprise

I came home from school today. Decided to check out my e-mail before I relaxed for a few minutes and found this. Most of you have probably seen it already, but if you haven't it's worth a look-see.

It wouldn't let me embed it, but here's the link. I love to see Piers and Simon blown out of the water. Enjoy!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Two of the Most Beautiful Words

Two of the most beautiful words in the English language are:

Spring Break.

After experiencing a run-in with an emotional and mental meat grinder, I am ready. What more can be said? Spring break, with the emphasis on break.