Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Think Ye?

Got a new do today. What do ya think?


  1. Aaron says, "Yeah. It looks good." as he's nodding.

    Jill says, "Who's that hot mama?!"

    Yeah, my sister is hot.

  2. WOW.. Sexy! I love it. What a nice color!! Where'd you go? I gotta know who your stylist is--just moved/gotta find a new one. They did awesome. (and don't tell me it was some friend of the family. That always sucks for me.) HAHAHAH

  3. Paulette,

    Glad you like it. I go to Missy at Tangles in Tooele. She is my friend, but she also owns her salon, so she can do yours too. She is awesome.

  4. Love it!!!

    I have to agree, you look hot!

    What does the hubby think?

  5. My husband said, "It's dark." He's not one for commenting.


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