Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life Altering Experiences

Tonight was a really great experience. Not only because it's bedtime and my fighting boys are going to bed,

or because my 11-year old son received his tenderfoot and second class rank in scouts,

but because at the court of honor they retired some flags. I have rarely experienced anything like it. My love for our country, the flag and all it represents was intensified through this sacred event.


  1. That really is neat. I love our country and the flag. It's great to have a chance to remember why it is our flag.

  2. my husband and i got married on the 5th of july because the 4th is one of my favorite hollidays. it would have been cool to see that ceremony. it's too bad you live in tooleyville--it'd be cool to hang out sometime when we weren't both pulling our hair out. :P

  3. Shari,

    One of my good friend's sons just left for the military. He is specializing in infantry which means that he will be one of those on the front lines.

    When she asked him what she'd do if he came home with a flag draped over his casket, he said, "Thank God that there are those of us who love what it represents so much that we are willing to die for it."

    I look forward to seeing your post on The Santa Letters in September. I'll see you soon....

    All my best,


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