Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back to School

It's August and time once again to register everyone for school. I've spent the last two days filling out paperwork and standing in lines. I am not looking forward to school starting. Not only because I have to go to school, too, but I kind of enjoy having my children around. This summer has been busy, but good. I guess we'll just have to enjoy the last week as much as possible.


  1. you going to school too? as in having to go and drop them off? or do you teach? or you mean actually taking classes? tehehehhe... either way, cool. What's you doin? Where do you go?

    (k, enough questions for one comment :P )

  2. Hmm...I think the answer is to spend as much time as possible with your sister. That sounds like a plan.

  3. Yes Paulette, I am going to USU. I student teach this fall and graduate in December.

  4. Yeah. Things get crazy before school starts--for the teachers too. However, I am kind of looking forward to this first year. Right now I'm more apprehensive, but hey. We'll see how it goes.


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