Saturday, July 19, 2008

Writing for Charity

Today I attended the Writing for Charity workshop at the Salt Lake City Library. It raised over $4,000 to buy wheelchairs for the handicapped.

There were some really great authors there like Shannon Hale (who put it all together) and Brandon Mull, Ann Cannon, Anne Bowen, Kristyn Crow, Tracy and Laura Hickman, Scott Franson and Ann Dee Ellis; as well as an agent, Amy Jameson and Shadow Mountain editor, Chris Schoebinger.

They answered "how to get published" questions and all kinds of other questions. The end of the conference was a workshop for critiquing. There were lots of great ideas shared and it was a good experience.

I got to see my good friends, Jewel and Melinda and met a new friend, Kristi Stevens (who is going to be published soon). These are all great writers and wonderful friends. I cherish my writing friends and always look forward to seeing them.


  1. It was great to see you there, too!!

  2. I'm so glad anytime that I can see you. It was fun to meet your daughter, too. Writer friends are the best!


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