Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the land of the fairies . . .

Okay. Can I just tell you that my sister is the most talented person on the planet. She makes a lot of things. She's scrapbooky and crafty and artsy and even chef-y. It just isn't fair. Anyway, she made me this beautiful fairy door. Do you not just love it? I couldn't wait to blog about it because I love it so much! It is going in my office, which is very lavendar. So now my office will become a land of fairies, the good kind, not the evil kind or the weird kind. Can you tell I'm excited?
Okay fairies, move on in.


  1. that is just so darn cute! :) It's like having a dream-catcher, but WAY cooler. Pass along my compliments.

  2. That's pretty! You're lucky to have such a creative sister.

  3. What? I didn't make it. Fairies did. Duh!

  4. LOVE IT!!!

    That is so dang cool.

    Lu-ckee! (napoleon dynamite voice)

  5. Wow it is so cute! I think that I would like one :) Very pretty tell you sister good job.


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