Monday, June 13, 2011


I have finally decided on my 200 follower giveaway. Hallelujah!

And it's a signed copy of Elana Johnson's new book POSSESSION! Squee!

POSSESSION was a riveting read. I didn't want to put it down. It was one of those stories that I wanted to forego meals for, and I don't EVER forget to eat. Trust me. And I'm not just saying that because I like her. It's a REALLY good read.

Since this is for my followers, who I'm very grateful for, simply leave a comment (one per person please) and don't forget to leave your e-mail address in the comment. Tell me what you liked about the book or why you want to read it.

Giveaway closes Friday night at midnight MDT and is open internationally. I'll post the winner the following Monday.

Good luck to everyone and have a tremendous week!


  1. I want to read it for two reasons. Firstly - it sounds awesome. Secondly - Elana is just an amazing person. :)


  2. Since I missed the launch, the ONLY thing that will EVER make me happy again is winning this giveaway.

    True story.

    Oh, and if you don't know my e-mail address, we'll still be sisters, but no longer friends.

  3. What an awesome giveaway! I haven't read it yet but I'd like to for the sheer fact that the rumors I've heard about Vi are unforgettable. I need to be part of the rage :)

  4. And, of course in the excitement (and distraction from my kids) I forgot my email.

    michellemmerrill (at) hotmail (dot) com

    Yes, there are two m's in the middle. :)

  5. I loved Jag--oh, how I loved him! And Vi too, of course. He he. You're right when you say it's a riveting read, Shari. Sooo good! I want to win because I gave away my ARC to promote the book, I totally heart Elana, and it's a SIGNED copy!! :-)

  6. I'm about halfway thru and it's so nicely written. It's not my copy tho, so I'd love to have my own copy. :)

  7. Oh please, please, please pick meeeee! Elana is such an awesome blogger that her book can't POSSIBLY be anything but awesome! And what better way for me to improve my own writing than by studying the awesomeness of others? ;-)

  8. Oops, so excited I forgot to leave my e-mail address...


    rachelmorganwrites [at] gmail [dot] com


  9. Congratulations on the two hundred followers! I think you have 200 more in your near future. :)

  10. Awesome! I would love Possession because Elana Johnson has worked her booty off to be an incredible member of the blogosphere and I can't wait to read her debut! I'm putting this giveaway in my sidebar :)

    aycockj(at)gmail (dot)com

  11. This has been on my TBR since I first heard about it.

    Nice to meet you, Shari!

  12. You don't need to enter me, since I already have a copy, but congrats again on the followers!

  13. This book is on my list to read. It seems everyone who has read it has said they couldn't put it down.
    Congrats on your 200+ followers!

  14. What a great giveaway!


  15. Cool, 200!! Congrats Shari! Pls. enter me.

  16. Congrats on hitting 200 followers!


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