Monday, January 3, 2011


This is the time of year to make resolutions. Say goodbye to the old and in with the new. At least that's what they say, and I suppose they're right.

Except I prefer to call them goals, instead of resolutions, and I have a tendency to set goals all year long ('cause I need lots of improvement, I suppose).

Even though this is the way I do it, there are some things that I have resolved to do at the beginning of 2011.

I RESOLVE to continue my goal of listening to my children better.

I RESOLVE to save more money this year.

I RESOLVE to continue my workouts.

I RESOLVE to make four quilts this year. (Eek!)

I RESOLVE to focus on my spiritual goals.

I RESOLVE to have four manuscripts ready for submission.

I RESOLVE to keep up with my blog.

In my younger days, probably a hundred years ago or so, I worked as a legal assistant. So, I am familiar with the legal document called a RESOLUTION. It's a motion full of a bunch of these I RESOLVE's and often made in the corporate world. It is a legal and binding contract. Thus, I have created a binding contract for myself. (Skeery!) Let's see how I do.

Have you resolved to do anything this year?


  1. I love this! I love that you've already begun many of the things that will make you better at all the stuff in your life ~ you're an inspiration! And FOUR MS's? Holy moly girl. You really ARE an inspiration!

  2. Great goals! I didn't know you liked to quilt. I do too and that's one of my goals to Finish two quilts I started a while back! I've been working on my goal sheet for the past week, it gets really long cuz I love to set goals too. :) I'm going to post it this week.

  3. FOUR manuscripts ready for submission?! Wow. I think you're my hero. :-)

  4. I refuse to make resolutions. I just try to live each day better than the last.

    And dude! FOUR MANUSCRIPTS?? I need this goal, badly. I'll probably write two. Hopefully.

  5. I haven't made any resolutions just promised to continue in the direction I am already pursuing. I am so impressed with your list though, Good Luck!


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