Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thanks for the Scattering

Thanks Paulette for scattering some sunshine my way.

I could use it. I'm very tired of winter, the cold, the dormant blah landscape. *shiver*

Give me some sunshine. I'm ready to drink it in, close my eyes and lift my face to its radiating warmth. I'm ready to watch the buds on my fruit trees turn to flowering blooms.

Come on sun, scatter some UV rays my way. And green up my world while you're at it, or at least my neighborhood.


  1. Oh, I so feel you. I'm so ready for spring, I could scream!

  2. You read my mind. I'm ready for the sun!

  3. I've seen sneak previews and I am ready for the actual thing to come!!

  4. here here! I'm a Phoenix girl. I miss my 3rd deg burns in the middle of all this coldness. :) well, almost.

  5. Hey, Shari! I could always use sunshine, too! I'm so anxious for spring to come! :(


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