Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Looking Back

I picture myself walking down a path, lush foliage surrounding me. The path up ahead turns and just before I reach it, I glance behind me. The events of 2009 rise like small clouds of fog before evaporating into the recesses of memory.

The experiences don't linger, but still consume me with emotion.

The relief of finishing my degree. The frustration of a misbehaving fifth grade class. The joy of watching second grade students remember the math I taught them. The pain of injury as I push myself to run one more mile. The peace of sitting in my office with a cup of hot cocoa on a cold winter day. The uplifting laughter shared with a friend. My heart beating out of my chest, wondering if I can make it thirty more minutes on the bike. The light in my head that directs my story in the right direction. Discouragement at contests lost and not feeling good enough. The inspired words that came at just the right time. Time spent laying on my bed talking to my children.

I turn forward, concentrating on the path ahead of me. The dissipated clouds of experience strengthen and lift me, giving me the courage to face a new path filled with more experiences of joy, frustration, sadness, discouragement, inspiration and love.

May the experiences of 2009 give you the courage to face head on whatever may come in 2010.

Happy New Year!


  1. Wow! Totally blown away by this. And whoever said you negative things about your writing should be beaten with a very big stick. I'm still waiting to read your book, ya know.

    I hope 2010 is a WONDERFUL year for you. HUGS

  2. Beautiful post, Shari. I bet this year has a lot of details that would be so fascinating to read in a future story of yours :-).

    May this new year bring you more wondrous moments!!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful post, Shari. Well done!
    Here's to an awesome 2010!

  4. Okay, that was awesome. I loved it. You are growing as a writer more than you think.

    Here's to 2010! (You still have to come and see me!)

  5. That was beyond beautiful. And I agree with Chris. Anybody who said bad things about your writing should be beaten BAD and I'd like to do the beating!


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