Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Difficult Passions

I usually like to blog about fun things, exciting things, things to think about, but today I need to write about something a little less fun.

Why is it that something that I love so much, something that I am passionate about is so difficult for me? I write and rewrite and edit and send it off to friends who generously read through my puke on the page and when I get it back, there are red marks all through it. (I should expect that. It is puke, right?)

This is not to say that the friends that critique my work have done poorly. In fact, they have done a tremendous job and given some great ideas and insights that would make my story better, much better.

It is just that I feel so discouraged. Why can't I write something good? Why does it always come out like cr**? Will I ever learn?

Okay, I'm done now. I just needed to get it out. Next post -- something a lot more fun.


  1. Your work is just a diamond in the rough. Don't get discouraged--there are sparkles all over it.You just have to scrape it and find the rest. Writing is all about rewriting. right?

    I heart you. You are an awesome person with much talent. *hugs!*

  2. Hmm...let me line edit this post... j/k

    You didn't write out crap? Really? Why in the w***d did you a*****k that? You crack me up.

  3. Shari, you are a very talented writer. It takes courage and humility to be an even better one. Learn from others' feedback, but ultimately, YOU decide how the final shape of your work will take. Keep writing and never give up on your dream, girlfriend!

  4. You are a great writer with lots of potential. It takes a lot of rewriting to make something good. I've read some writers admit to fifty or so drafts just to make something legible. Writing is all in the rewriting.

  5. Repeat after me: I am a good writer. I love my writing self. I rejoice in the crap on the page. Crap can be beautiful. My crap IS beautiful.

    Smiling yet?

    Big, big hugs, sister-friend. You really are good.


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