Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Four T’s

Or The Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For
and not to be confused with the forty's, which I am, but we are not here to discuss that right now.

I have been thinking all month about the things I am thankful for. And there are a lot. Here's my top ten:

  1. My precious children who are inspiring, fun and talented.
  2. My sweetheart who amazes me at all he can do.
  3. My laptop which allows me to sit anywhere in my house to do whatever I choose to do on it.
  4. My sister, whose friendship means more than the world to me.
  5. Laughter, 'cause if it weren't for that I'd be in a padded room somewhere.
  6. Books – 'nuff said.
  7. Writing that frees my mind and fills my soul.
  8. My friends who love and support my writing addiction.
  9. Good food—what's not to love about that?

And . . . drum roll, please . . .

  1. All of you
    who come and read my sorry excuse for a blog. Thank you for stopping by. It has been awesome making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones. You Rock!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Shari! What a great list. And I love my laptop for that same reason! =D

  2. Thank you for sharing your list!! Hope you have a wonderful THanksgiving. :)

  3. How dare you make me tear up! HOW DARE YOU!!!

  4. Hey girlfriend,
    I haven't gotten your address yet. Did you send it? If so, resend because I didn't get it.


  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Shari. I especially love that you listed writing as freeing your soul. So true.

  6. I love what you said about writing. That is how I feel too. And my laptop? *sigh* I love him. ((hugs!))

  7. Aw, thank you for sharing your wonderful list! :)

  8. Aw, what a great post! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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