Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yeah, I’m Cool

Last week, my sister invited me to go to dinner with her and a couple of our friends. We went to Tagashi, which is a sushi restaurant, apparently a very popular, busy one.


I'd never eaten sushi before.


I really have never had any desire to eat raw fish. Ever.


But I wanted to be supportive, so I went. I even ordered some raw fish. And then, after trying it, I swiftly ordered the teriyaki chicken. Which I enjoyed very much, by the way (the chicken, not the fish).


Well, that's not the whole point of this post, so let me get to that.


When we finished with dinner, I scooted over on the bench to leave and immediately landed on the floor, my head smashing into the occupied chair next to me and my wrist whacking the table in front of me. (Remember, this is a very crowded restaurant.) Everyone around me exclaimed, "Are you okay?" People on the other end of the restaurant looked down to see the crazy lady on the floor.


I just sat there, covering my face in humiliation—and laughing.


I gratefully left with my head bowed as a goose egg formed on the side of it.


How fabulous that I was able to be the entertainment for the evening.


Yeah, I'm cool.


  1. You are cool. You'd be cooler if you's spelled Takashi right. But then again. You did hit your head.

    PS-I think you're crazy for not loving my Strawberry Fields roll.

  2. That darn head injury still plaguing you?

    I don't think that your roll actually had any raw fish in it at all. And even if it did, even I didn't like it very much and I LOVE raw fish. mmmmm.

    But I'm glad that you liked the chicken. And that you at least tried the "sushi." You rock!

  3. You are cool! Now that you are a sushi pro, we should go eat sushi sometime! :-)

  4. I feel the same way about sushi. I always end up ordering the Teriyaki chicken also. ;)

    I'm so sorry about the goose-egg! That sounds awful. =[ I hope you're feeling better now. *hugs*


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