Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Wise Man Said . . .

"…to every man [and woman] there comes… that special moment when [they are] figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a special thing unique to [them]… what a tragedy if that moment finds [them] unprepared or unqualified for [that]which [could have been their] finest hour." –Winston Churchill

I found this quote on an amazing woman's blog. If you are interested in reading her story, go here. You will be inspired.

Are you ready to be tapped on the shoulder? Have you qualified yourself for your finest hour?

This quote got me thinking about what I'm to be preparing and qualifying for. I know what it is, but am I working towards it? Or am I sitting on my backside doing nothing? Don't I want to be prepared for my finest hour? Of course I do. So, what do I need to be doing to ready myself?

I know one thing. I best get busy.

What special thing is unique to you? What is it that you are to prepare for? What is to be your finest hour? Are you ready?


  1. What a great quote. I sure hope I am ready and recognize that moment!

  2. I don't know what I'm qualified for. Which leaves me sadly unprepared, I think.

    Beautiful quote, beautiful post, beautiful you.

  3. Love that! Hmm...now I'm thinking.

  4. Hello Shari!
    WHOA! Deep stuff you've got going here!

    I believe my finest hour is when Christ comes and we stand at the judgment bar before Him and answer to all of our unrepented sins.

    That is my finest hour. AM I ready?

    Life is a journey. I prepare everyday with prayer and focus and scripture.

    There are many other kinds of "finest hours" that suit my temporary life.

    Becoming a published author is among them. Am I ready? Not quite, but I can feel it in the spiritual plane that it is looming around the figurative corner. I've literally felt Heavenly Father shaping and molding and forging me day to day into that direction.

    What joy I will have when I become what I've dreamed for my temporal life. I will return the blessing He has so generously bestowed upon my by sharing of my self without question!!

    Thanks for the post!


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