Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Halloween Scrooge

The last two weeks have been insanely filled with Halloween.

From my son, "Mom, will we have enough treats for Halloween?"

From the students, "Mrs. Bird, are you coming to the Halloween Carnival?"

From everyone else, "What are you doing for Halloween?"

All the while my insides are cringing while the outside sweetly says, "Yes, we'll have enough treats," "No, I won't be at the Halloween Carnival," "We are just having a nice quiet evening at home on Halloween." Well, maybe not quiet. We are having our annual Bird Family Halloween Party.

They don't call me the Halloween Scrooge for nothin'.

Several years ago I was fed up with messing around with costumes, answering the door every two minutes and buying too much candy or not enough, so I approached the family with, "How about instead of trick or treating, we have a party! We can eat pizza and have a treasure hunt and play games, and you can go to the store and pick out whatever you want for under $5! Doesn't that sound fun?!"

This was the response. "Yeah, that sounds fun!"


"Does this mean we won't be going trick or treating?"

"Yes, it does."

Looks of consternation. "Does this mean we don't get any candy?"


Bright, hopeful eyes look up at me. "We can pick out whatever we want at the store?"

"Yes, if it's under $5."


"Okay," they all say.

And thus began the first annual Bird Family Halloween Party. Since then all the kids, their friends and teachers tell me how much they like the family party and look forward to it every year.

Relief floods over me as we approach the sixth annual BFHP. No costumes, no trick or treaters, no hassle, just some relaxing family time.


  1. I am the original Anti-Halloween-Ite! I think your idea is fabulous!

  2. What a great idea!!

    Although I am sad that my oldest is not excited about trick-or-treating anymore :-(

  3. Well, i have no kids, so i don't get the run-arounds, but I already take it rather easy. I wear my Haidong uniform from class for halloween, and then we go to someone ELSE's home to hang out... that way there's no having to buy candy, ect... so, that works.

    my sister (now has 2 kids) refuses to make clothes just for halloween. If her little girl wants something inparticular, she makes her new PJ's in the color of her choice :) then will use those as the "base" of the costume. Either way, too much sewing involved for my taste. lol

    c-ya round (oh, by the way, i noticed you stopped by my blog last night. My bro finally got the actual test-video up now, so if you still wanted to see it, you can. NO LAUGHING) Hugs!

  4. May I say, this sounds wonderful! Do you answer the door to kids to come to your house to trick or treat?

  5. No, Tristi, we don't. It's lights out and only candles and flashlights allowed.

  6. Okay, my kids would love to watch a movie by candlelight and flashlights.

  7. Very interesting -- I may have to see if I can get my family to go along with such a thing. If we did pizza and movies, I bet I could ...

    Maybe we should come out to your house. :)


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