Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Great Get-Away

No, this isn't about a great get-away vacation. It's about getting my exhausted mind and body away from reality for a moment through a really good laugh.

My sister introduced me to Cake Wrecks,a great blog about professionally made, disastrous cakes. Due to the insanity of my life and my needed get-away, I decided to take a break and checked out her blog to see what was new. Here are a couple of my favorites.

Was it supposed to say Olympics Rings or were there actually supposed to be Olympics Rings on the cake? Hmmm. . .

This next one is a picture submitted by a bride-to-be to a cake decorator for her wedding. She asked that the cake be all white with minor green accents.

This is what she got . . .

That isn't all, either. The top layer still had the springform pan under it and the base is a metal sign.

Check out her blog and you can have a humorous get-away, too.


  1. Loved the one about "At least you're pretty". I'll have to suggest that to my husband when I am having my writer doldrum days:-)

  2. Oh, those have ALL my sympathy!

    I asked for my wedding cake to be white with white roses and green leaves - I got blue roses - really, really, really blue. But at least mine was still pretty!

  3. At least your pretty--as opposed to what? Employed maybe? I think I want one of those cakes.

  4. Oh, now, that's just too funny. :) I hope they got their money back.

    Hey, a reminder about your stop on the "Future for Tomorrow" blog tour, due on the 11th. Thanks again!

  5. K, that last cake/pic is just WRONG!


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